Design Process:

We work with each client on an individualized basis taking into account design, budget and functional goals. To achieve your specific design goals, we often consult with a variety of professionals including architects, electricians, engineers, arborists, irrigation specialists, lawn care providers, organic solutions, and interior designers. All of this careful planning ensures that the final product meets and exceeds your expectations.

A typical process includes:

  • Consultation: A collaborative discovery process involving our clients from the beginning to understand vision, priorities and constraints.
  • Design: Careful analysis of the site unlocks the potential design choices that are best suited to the property.
  • Preliminary Plan: We present basic concepts developed during the design phase for client feedback.
  • Plan consultation: Once revisions are complete, our clients sign off on the plan.
  • Master Plan: The master plan is completed after revisions are finalized.
  • Execution & Installation: Construction of hardscape is followed by plant installation. With a strong background in horticulture, Sabrina Design strives to incorporate the most site appropriate plants. We procure only the best contractors, tradesmen and all work is completely supervised by Sabrina Design.


Each landscape provides a canvas that completes the architectural elements of a property. We focus on the balance between hard and soft spaces, appropriate planting materials and environmental factors. We find that an environmentally responsible approach blends good design with consideration of naturally occurring conditions such as wildlife, water management, and exposure to other weather elements.

A typical process includes:

  • Consultation: A collaborative discovery process involving our clients from the beginning to assess existing conditions, then progressing to understand vision, priorities and constraints.
  • Creating custom landscape designs unique to your property, whether a new home, a renovation or reviving planting plans for established homes.
  • Each design is site specific and is environmentally responsive to the natural setting and challenges.
  • With a focus on sustainable design, we attempt to incorporate native plants and low maintenance plants which provide natural habitats for birds, butterflies and beneficial insects.
  • Our landscape services include:
    • Master landscape plans
    • Planting plans
    • Entry Gardens
    • Foundation plantings
    • Ornamental trees & shrubs
    • Annual, perennial and mixed border plantings
    • Mixed gardens
    • Shade & woodland gardens
    • Outdoor lighting installation


  • Structural elements comprise the landscape of the property.
  • Materials and patterns are selected to create an overall pleasing design.
  • Hardscape elements include:
    • Pavement and pathways
    • Steps
    • Decks
    • Walls
    • Fences
    • Railings
    • Trellises and arbors
    • Water features
    • Lighting
    • Garden ornaments

Container Garden:

Bring each season to life with contained mini-scapes that enhance your home, property and gardens
  • Planters
  • Contained spaces
  • Window boxes
  • Seasonal decoration